Preacher Sophie


This is Sophie. Preacher Sophie. Calling on the masses to listen to her words of wisdom. To commiserate with her about the travails of being a two-year old. And having the fortitude to withstand Chloe, a big sister who by turns treats her like the best thing in the world and an insufferable pest.

She hypnotizes the crowd with war stories about potty-training and how she’s making mostly forward progress (with the exception of this evening when she peed in the tub). And recounts the great sacrifice she’s made in the past week by giving up her bottle. Her lifelong addiction to the nipple (whether real or plastic) resonates with the recovering addicts in her audience.

She seduces her flock with anecdotes about nature, the flowers and the sun, and the animals. About singing and dancing, and running in the grass. She elicits sympathy when she explains the difficulty she’s had learning her colors. Yet she also astounds her listeners with her verbal acumen.

Sophie is philosophical about her role in life. About her honored post as little sister (and sometime punching bag) to Chloe and cherished daughter to Mommy and Daddy. She’s not sure what to make of her curls – she acknowledges that she’s still too young to either appreciate them for what they are, or reject them outright.

Her attitude is all about fun and joy, and loving life. The crowd smiles and applauds. Preacher Sophie rules! And by the way, her new book, “Preacher Sophie’s Life Lessons,” will soon appear in bookstores near you.

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