Scammed in the World of Webkinz


It’s pathetic, really. But we think that Chloe was scammed into giving her Webkinz username and password to a 2nd grader, who then accessed Chloe’s Webkinz account and proceeded to send herself, as gifts from Chloe, all of Chloe’s Webkinz virtual furniture!

Chloe has been playing with Webkinz on and off for about a year now, and like any responsible homeowner, had spent a lot of fake, yet hard-earned, Webkinz dollars furnishing her pets’ house. And it was all gone this morning when she went to check in on them. Her Webkinz creatures were all happy to see her, the wallpaper was still hanging and the dead plants were still in the garden, but everything else was GONE.

I was appalled. To be violated at such a young age, by another young person. And Chloe, some semblance of innocence and faith in the world still intact, was willing to give this girl the benefit of the doubt, saying that she seemed so nice and that if the girl has a older sibling, maybe the sibling was the culprit. Nice thought, I’m thinking, but highly unlikely.

Two of Chloe’s friends also shared their usernames and passwords with this girl as well, and we received confirmation from one of them this evening that she too was victimized. As for the other friend, we’ll know more tomorrow, although I’d bet a dollar that this was a crime against the three musketeers and not just two of them. If her other friend’s furniture and belongings have also been pilfered, then I believe the circumstantial evidence is strong enough for Chloe to confront this “evildoer,” as Chloe has taken to calling the alleged thief.

Thankfully, Chloe doesn’t seem terribly traumatized by this crime. We spent quite a bit of time this morning explaining to her that passwords are private and not meant to be shared. And we promptly changed them. Not that it matters, since there’s nothing more to steal…

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