Silly Geese

These are my silly geese. My father used to call me “silly goose” all the time, and now my girls are the silly birds.

This is a photo of Chloe and Sophie being particularly silly. Shaking their booties, and dancing on the coffee table to music playing solely in their heads.

They were also playing “ghost” that evening. It’s a new game, a variation of running around the house. Papa has to participate because he’s the ghost. He puts a blanket over his head and chases after them. If I watch them too intently, especially Sophie, who is like a whirling dervish, I get dizzy.

Sophie apparently has a beau. He’s a bit older than she is, but they had a date at the park today. According to our babysitter, it went very well. They hit it off so well, in fact, that the chaperones accompanied them to McDonald’s for lunch. Sophie enjoyed sharing her chicken nuggets with him. It sounds like they’ll be seeing more of each other. I think we’ll meeting his parents soon.

And as a coda to the Webkinz scam story of the other day, the assistant principal at Chloe’s school spoke to the girl’s father, who promised to mete out punishment. In the meantime, the girl freely admitted what she had done, and apparently saw nothing wrong with it. She simply needed to replenish her Webkinz dollars and was obviously too lazy to play Webkinz games to earn her own money.

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