The Invasion of the Chloe Monster

Chloe invaded our marital bed last night. At about 3 AM. And woke us up. Except my husband fell right back asleep and I, of course, did not.

She sprawled out between us. And between the constant squirming, and the noise of her mouth sucking on her thumb, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was extremely frustrated, as you can imagine. I had been fast asleep. It was pleasant.

After a 1/2 hour of doing my best to refrain from kicking her – intentionally – I threw off the covers and got up to leave to sleep elsewhere. Chloe sensed I was getting up, and kindly invited me to sleep in her bed. Gee, thanks. Why are you sleeping in your bed, I wanted to yell.

But I’m the mommy, and I can’t kick my lovely offspring – intentionally – and I can’t yell. So I moped out of MY bedroom at 3:30 AM, and into her cold bed (her room is always a few degrees cooler than ours). I still couldn’t fall asleep, so I read a little. Until 4 AM or so.

Little miss princess Chloe slept cozily in our bed until 7:15 AM and woke up happy and rested. I had dark circles under my eyes. The joys of parenting.

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