The Toilet

Sophie is getting better and better using the toilet. In fact, she’s dry most of the day now. And she tells us in advance when she needs to go.

Chloe was less interested in making the potty her friend. She was well over three years old before she started to get comfortable with it. And yet, for all their differences, Sophie has a lot in common with her sister when it comes to the toilet.

When Sophie sits on the throne she likes to get naked. That’s odd in of itself, except that what’s stranger is that a few years ago, Chloe used to do the same thing. It must be in the genes (not my genes, but maybe their Papa’s).

Sophie also likes to spend an inordinate amount of time on the toilet. Waiting and waiting. Even after she’s already done her business. She stays glued to the seat, while we’re twiddling our thumbs waiting to be able to wipe her butt.

She’s wearing real underwear (Dora the Explorer, of course) over her training diapers now. She will be completely trained in time for the pool club this summer – I know it. I just hope we don’t spend the summer in the pool club’s bathroom…

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