36 Hours Until Boston

The countdown to our getaway continues…I packed the girls things this evening. They helped. They actually seem just as excited to be having a weekend with Grammy as we are about leaving them with Grammy. So it’s all good.
Telling myself how excited Chloe and Sophie are about the upcoming weekend makes me feel less guilty for having absolutely no pangs of remorse about leaving them with my mom.
She is their grandmother, after all. They’ll greatly enjoy the bonding. I’m coaching Chloe to make sure she’s a helper – and assists her Grammy with Sophie. And as long as Chloe isn’t too busy watching one of her silly TV shows, I’m sure she’ll be glad to lend a hand.
By the way, David Cook has just won “American Idol.” Chloe will be very excited. We were not fans of the other David (so treacly!) and much preferred David Cook’s style. And he won by a landslide. Sometimes democracy does work. It’s good to know.

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