A Sleepover!

Although Chloe has hosted a couple of sleepovers with friends in her short kid life, she hadn’t enjoyed a sleepover at a friend’s house until tonight.

You can imagine her excitement when she received the phone call…and her exultation when we told her she could go…Although it would be an exaggeration to say that her joyful shrieks could be heard around the world, it wouldn’t much of a stretch to say that they were probably heard by our next-door neighbor.

To top it all off, she and her friend were going to watch “Nancy Drew,” a movie she’s been clamoring to see since it came out last year and since she started reading her first Nancy Drew book a few weeks ago. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s amusing to see Chloe and her friends enjoying many of the same things, including sleepovers, that my friends and I enjoyed when I was a child. Despite the fact that kids grow up more quickly than they did when I was younger, Chloe and her buddies are still young enough to have innocent fun. Which makes me extremely happy and that much more determined to prevent her from growing up. At all.

She has her weekly swim lesson tomorrow morning – but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to get an early phone call. Her end of the conversation will no doubt go something like this: “Mommy, we didn’t get to sleep until after MIDNIGHT! I’m really tired and I want to play some more here. Please, Mommy, please…”

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