Bear’s Butt

My brother arrived for a visit earlier today, and Chloe and Sophie have been on their best behavior – so far. Sophie was in particularly good form.

When asked to describe what she saw at the zoo last week, Sophie told her rapt audience that she saw a polar and ducks. This wasn’t entirely accurate. But she was close. We did see this very large, lumbering grizzly bear, who was pacing back and forth on a rock.

And when Sophie went on to say that she saw the “bear’s tushy,” she wasn’t completely misremembering. We did see its butt from afar. And it was pretty big. She also saw the butts of baby swans (which she probably mistook for ducks).

She’s very into butts right now. And thinks it’s extremely funny whenever she talks about someone’s or something’s tushy. And when Chloe laughs at her commentary, that makes Sophie even happier. When Mommy, Papa and Sophie laugh at her commentary, she’s ecstatic. Oh, to be 32 months again…

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