Chopsticks and Omelettes

It’s an interesting combination – chopsticks and omelettes. But you have to start somewhere, I suppose. Chloe was using hers, which of course prompted Sophie to moan and groan until she got a pair to use as well. Prior to her crying for a pair of chopsticks to call her own, she was claiming that she didn’t like eggs. The omelette was sitting on her plate, completely neglected.

When I gave them to Sophie, the whining stopped as quickly as it had started. Little Sophie had never used chopsticks before, but she is one agile toddler. She quickly got the hang of it, and was successfully stuffing egg into her mouth in no time at all. This made us very happy because at least she was eating her dinner.

Chloe was frustrated because Sophie was actually having an easier time with the chopsticks than she was. Oh well. Sophie’s a little tike. She doesn’t think so hard about things yet. Chloe thinks harder about things and was probably just thinking too hard about getting the sticks to cooperate.

Sophie then discovered that it’s fun to stab the food with the chopsticks. And that’s how she finished her meal. Using the chopsticks as spears. Violently and with gusto. But I didn’t particularly care. Because she finished her dinner – something she rarely does these days, because she’s just too busy to sit for more than a few minutes.

By the way, our little Sophie has been clean for two days running. No diapers, just her Miss Chatterbox, Miss Giggles and Miss Sunshine underwear. This is very exciting. She may actually be showing off her diaper-free butt at the swim club in a few weeks. Go, Sophie, Go!

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