It’s Friday on Thursday

Here’s a photo from our visit to the New England Aquarium. Actually, I’m lying. This isn’t a photo from Boston. Why in God’s name would we be visiting a kid’s attraction when we don’t have our kids in tow? But the girls will be visiting the Bronx Zoo with my mom this weekend, so this photo is in honor of them.

Actually, I’m writing this post on Thursday, the eve of our departure. This is because I don’t want to take the computer with me to Boston. And I don’t want to let down my loyal readers.

When this post appears on my blog tomorrow, we will probably be at dinner with our friends, drinking some good wine and relaxing. Pretty cool, isn’t it? What’s even cooler is that we may actually be able to sleep late two days in a row. And have breakfast in bed. And eat meals where WE WANT TO EAT MEALS! I better stop here before I get ahead of myself.

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