It’s Not a Fluke!

Sophie is now a repeat offender – escaping from her crib for the second day in a row. The thud following her jump was louder than yesterday’s and I half expected to hear bawling as soon as she hit the ground.

Happily, she didn’t cry. Instead, she served as the household’s rooster, announcing to all of us that it was time to wake up and start the day. And this, after an interrupted night’s sleep thanks to Chloe, who noisily came into our room at 4 am following a nightmare. Neither of our girls has mastered the art of tiptoeing.

As a result of recent developments, we went bed shopping today. We saw something quite fun – a loft-type bed with a little staircase and lots of storage underneath. Chloe very magnanimously offered to give Sophie her bed in exchange for the one in the store. We laughed.

But we did see another one we liked – much more traditional, and one that wouldn’t make Chloe green with envy if we bought it for Sophie. We haven’t ordered it yet, but we realize we’re going to have to order a bed soon, before there’s one thud too many…

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