It’s Official: The Great Crib Escape!

Sophie must have really been frustrated with us this morning. She had woken up, and was moaning and groaning for one of us to come and fetch her from her crib. We ignored her because we were tired and still half-asleep.

After months of wondering (and worrying) whether she’d ever figure out that she could climb out of her crib, we finally sufficiently annoyed her with our snail’s pace approach to retrieving her this morning that the next thing we knew, there was a little thud as her feet hit the ground and she came trotting into our room.

Suddenly, there she was. Towels and all. Yelling into my husband’s ear: “Hi Papa!” Happy as a clam. For a second, I thought I had imagined the whole thing. After all of this anticipation – will she or won’t she? – she finally does. She must have overheard us talking the other day about the need to get her a bed. At the time, we weren’t concerned about the flight risk, it was simply because she’s getting too big for the mattress. Now we have two good reasons to go shopping.

The big question now is, will she remember what she accomplished this morning? Will she repeat her fantastic feat tomorrow? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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