Mothers Rock!

Chloe says I rock. But “for Pete’s sake,” she doesn’t know why. She just came up with the title of the post. Which leaves me with not much to write about tonight.

Chloe has a science fair at school in a few weeks. She has to report about either an animal or a habitat. Right now, she’s thinking about a presentation about the ocean. A diorama would be cool. I think I’m going to recruit my mom for this project (she’s in the photo with Chloe). She’s good at this stuff. And as my readers know, I’m not.

Maybe we can make her habitat in a fishbowl. Chloe prefers using a box, because it’s bigger – but a box can’t hold water. We’re going to have to research our options. Maybe we should consider a field trip to Hawaii. OK, that’s not realistic. An excursion to the Jersey shore might be in order, however, to pick up some Jersey sand, some Jersey shells and maybe even a Jersey crab.

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