Need Groceries?

Sophie is a real helper. She loves to help around the house. Throws out garbage, puts away her toys, goes fake food shopping for us, throws her clothes in the dirty bin and clears her plate off the table.

She also loves to make a mess of her food. I hate when we have rice as a side dish. After Sophie has finished eating, there’s more rice on the floor than there is in her belly. In fact, who needs a carpet when one has Sophie? A rice carpet might be nice. Pasta night with shredded cheese is also a treat. Given the choice, however, I’d stick with the rice. Less smelly.

Sophie has her friend’s birthday party on Saturday – I’m looking forward to seeing the buddies in action – they spend Mondays together. Four little girls – all 3 years old, or close to it. They talk together, they dance together, they run around our babysitter’s apartment together. They’re little people, trying to use big words and full sentences while in diapers. It’s pretty trippy, actually – and absolutely adorable.

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