“Relax!” is what Sophie told her Papa to do, as we were trying to round up the girls for bedtime. We all made her repeat that choice morsel – we thought we had misheard her.

She’s also taken to singing the word “stupid.” Not in an accusatory, mean-spirited or critical way, but in an “I’ve discovered a new word that I’m not supposed to say” way. In an “if I continue this, I’m going to get in a heap of trouble” way. And in a “this new language I’ve discovered is loads of fun” way. Lots of mischievous smiles from our little Sophie. And a few threats of quiet time in the corner if she continues exploring her newfound vocabulary.

We’re up to six days of underwear now. In celebration of this milestone, I bought her lots of new panties this morning. My husband forgot to put a diaper on her bottom before she went to bed tonight – we’ll see how she fares in the morning. Hopefully, we won’t require the services of the waterproof mattress in her crib.

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