Seven Years and Counting

This blog entry is in honor of our fantastic babysitter (pictured at left with Sophie), who has been working with us for seven years. She started in May 2001 – Chloe was about 3 months old, I was finishing up law school and starting to study for the bar exam.

She’s been with us ever since – through three moves, changing work schedules, and in sickness and in health. She’s like a family member and a second grandma to the girls.

She’s had a huge influence on their young lives, especially Chloe’s. And we’ve had countless people come up to us and say (with a mild degree of amazement) how wonderful and caring she is – an all-too-rare quality in nannies these days, apparently.

When Chloe and Sophie read these musings years from now or when they’re thinking about hiring caregivers of their own (perish the thought!), I want them to remember their dear babysitter with fondness, love and laughter.


By the way, I haven’t recently mentioned that Sophie has had only one accident in over two weeks of diaperless activity. In fact, she went without a diaper at the swim club the other day. Which wasn’t particularly challenging since the water temperature probably froze the liquids inside her little body. But still – we’ll take progress wherever we can get it!

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