Swim Club!

We inaugurated our swim club today. As soon as we got settled on our little patch of grass, she tested the waters. Which were freezing – 63 degrees would probably be generous.

After her brief foray into the polar waters, she decided that she wanted to make some friends. So she wandered around the pool club, fetched me to wander with her after her first go-round, and then set out again on her own. Third time was definitely the charm. She ended up spending a good part of the afternoon with a girl she met and they frolicked in the freezing water together.

I have to hand it to our big girl Chloe – she’s not shy. And she made her first new friend of the summer – on her own, without any parental introductions.

For her part, Sophie didn’t need a buddy. She simply borrowed other kids’ toys and played for two hours in the kiddie pools. Pouring water into buckets, using paintbrushes to paint us with the ice water and generally making merry in her independent Sophie way.

All of this portends well. I think we’re going to have a fantastic summer. As long as the water warms up soon.

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