The Hostess with the Mostest

That’d be Chloe. We hosted a barbeque with our neighbors this evening, and Chloe took it upon herself to make sure the children in attendance (all younger than her) were adequately fed and happy.

She set the picnic table under the swingset for them, took their dinner orders and served them their meals. She bestowed upon them overly generous helpings of dessert, of course.

Chloe entertained her little friends, and treated all of them gently. Amazingly enough, the three little ones she took under her wing stayed contentedly seated at the picnic table for at least 45 minutes. It was miraculous, actually. Chloe, two 2+ year olds and one four-year old. Happy as pigs in the mud.

I’m proud of my Chloe. For as much as she drives me nuts at least once a day, she pleasantly surprises me more often than not. The sudden interest she’s taken in younger children – wanting to take care of them, wanting to help them – is pretty adorable. She’s getting good practice for all those future babysitting jobs.

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