Too Old for This!

Definitely too old for the boat ride. There was a height maximum, actually.

We went to an oceanside amusement park today, to celebrate Mother’s Day. My mother and my brother joined us, along with half of the state, but the weather gods were not smiling down on us at all. The day started off just fine, but once we got down to the shore, the clouds started rolling in and the wind started howling.

We were all in sweaters. And the smart parents dressed their kids in winter jackets, gloves and hats. Sophie’s teeth were chattering – but she still wanted to go on the rides. Chloe and I screamed through a kid’s rollercoaster – at which point I realized that I was too old for this stuff. As I kid I LOVED the scariest, craziest rides. But even the tame, rollicking hills of this mini-coaster made me nauseous.

My brother was a good sport – he bravely accompanied Chloe on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Which would have caused me to puke. Chloe, of course, adored it. She wanted to go on again, but we all refused to accommodate her request. Our love for her isn’t entirely limitless.

Anyway, we had to cut our day short. There came a point when Sophie’s lips were turning blue – and despite her good naturedness and desire to stay, it was Mother’s Day and what kind of mom would I be if my kids ended up in the hospital with frostbite (yes, it seemed like it was that cold).

We promised the girls that we would return before the end of the summer. And we will – when we can wear shorts without fear of our legs becoming numb.

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