Twelve Hours to Go

I could barely contain myself towards the end of the work day earlier. I sped my way home to start packing – and took only intermittent breaks to make sure the girls hadn’t gotten into any trouble.

The little red car has a full tank of gas and is raring to go. Can’t wait to see the mileage on that baby. Our first road trip with our little Honda Fit putt-putt car.

Chloe and Sophie were dancing together naked just before bed. Singing a silly little ditty about naked tushies and shaking booties. It’s nice to have girls who are so secure in their little bodies. And it’s funny, too. I’ll miss it when they decide that they’re too old for such kookiness. When that innocence is lost forever. When they start scrutinizing their bodies for every little flaw. With a little bit of luck, our girls won’t be like that. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility. How to instill them with a strong sense of self?

Enough of the philosophizing. Because it’s twelve hours until we abandon the girls at my mom’s. Woo-hoo!

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