Biking in Harmony

We had a very active day today. We spent most of afternoon at the swim club, where Chloe played with two of her classmates for a good several hours. In the water. Which was slightly less frigid than last weekend, but still not nearly warm enough for my husband and me to seriously consider getting more than our toes wet.

Sophie and her Papa joined us later in the afternoon – after she had her daily beauty rest. She also enjoyed the pool, but she particularly enjoyed squeezing the cold water on my back and in my hair. Chloe actually dove off of the diving boards – or at least attempted to. She quickly realized that a successful dive from the side of the pool doesn’t necessarily translate into a successful dive off the board. But that didn’t stop her from trying.

After we came home and bathed the girls, the four of us rode our bikes to the local Mexican joint for dinner. Sophie rode on the back of my husband’s bike, and seems to have accepted the fact that in order to join us she would need to wear her helmet. She enjoyed the ride, and I enjoyed riding my new two-wheeler again.

So – it was a Sunday of activity. A beautiful almost-summer day. The girls got their exercise, and Chloe didn’t once ask me what we were going to do next. I’m really loving that swim club. Even with the freezing water.

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