Another Sophie Silly Face

As promised, one more silly face for the record. This one was supposed to be a scary face. But she was too amused to make a serious go of it.
The result is a photo that is actually kind of cute. The ringlets get me every time. Especially when you see them in a picture framing her whole face.
On a totally different subject, Chloe had her last day of school yesterday. She was very nonchalant about the whole thing. I would like everyone to know, however, that I was very faithful to my darling big girl over the past year. I packed a note in her lunch bag everyday, without fail (except for once or twice). It was something my mom did for me, and I remember that gesture with great love and fondness. I just had to continue the tradition with Chloe. Which gets me thinking that in a couple of years, when Sophie starts kindergarten, I’ll have to do it for two kids. That’s a lot of notes, and I might need to start writing them sooner rather than later.

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