Books, Books, Books

Chloe finished her second Nancy Drew mystery today. It was her last day to log books for her school’s 100 book challenge

She was a little upset this morning, because she’s afraid that even after receiving credit for the Nancy Drew tome (to the tune of one point for two chapters), she won’t make it to 100.

After a stellar school year (she got 100% on her last spelling test and her year-end math test), she was beating herself up over the number of books she’d read over the last nine months. And not just any books – complicated chapter books.

I told her she should be proud of herself for all she had accomplished – and the tears quickly dried up. But I still have this lingering feeling that she puts too much pressure on herself; or perhaps, more likely, that we (and mostly I) unintentionally put too much pressure on her. It’s something I’m going to have to monitor closely. I wouldn’t want my girls growing up needing too much therapy once they reach their adult years…

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