Chloe, the Budding Writer

Chloe had her end-of-year writing exam today. The kids had to write a story around a picture. Chloe was inspired by an illustration of two kids camping.

As I asked her what her story was about, I figured there’d be a lot of scary animals and ghost stories. The first surprise came when she told us her story was 18 pages long!

The second surprise came when she started to recount her plot. The boys went through a magic hole in the tent, created by a thunderbolt sent down from the heavens by Zeus.

Yep – the two kids, Jake and Daffy, went on a visit to Mount Olympus. Where they encountered Apollo, Hera, Ares, et al. And went to war, which the gods didn’t mind because they knew they couldn’t die. Anyway, the story was fairly involved. And she brought it back full circle – with the boys agreeing to return to Olympus every two weeks to visit their new friends, and going home to their parents to tell them about their incredible adventures.

I felt very proud as Chloe told her story. And it just goes to show that reading with your children does make a difference. When I think she’s not listening, she usually is – at least with one ear.

also got 100% on her last math and spelling tests. A terrific way to end the school year – go, Chloe!

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