Chloe the Photographer

Artist, pianist, photographer, swimmer…a girl of many talents. She did admit to me today, however, that running fast is not one of her talents. That’s where she and I are very much alike.

She had relay races at camp today and not only did she run slowly, she fell. On her butt. And was embarrassed. When I was a kid, I hated running. You know, the presidential fitness crap where kids need to run 100 meters (or whatever the distance is) in under a certain time, and do push-ups and sit-ups – all for a silly piece of paper that everyone received anyway. How I despised that. It was traumatic.

When I was a little older – a teenager perhaps – I actually jogged. For about a month. Hated that, too. It hurt my knees. I don’t understand running for pleasure. It’s way too painful – not just the breathlessness, but the pounding of feet on the pavement. I then turned to Jane Fonda aerobics videos. The ones where she’s wearing a lavender/purple-striped bodysuit and matching legwarmers. I did that for about a month, too.

Chloe definitely shows signs of having my sports genes. Which is why I’d be thrilled if she sticks with swimming for a bit longer. I stuck with tennis for a few years, and even played for my high school tennis team. Second doubles. The coaches were just being nice to me. I pretty much sucked at that, too.

By the way, the odds are really stacked against Chloe. I’m not entirely to blame, however. Her Papa is just as bad as me. So it would be all the more remarkable if she remains the little fish that could.. if not, there’s always photography.

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