Chloe tried to be a gymnast once. We took her to class a couple of years ago and it lasted a few months. But she never really took to it.

I was glad about that. Because it was a hassle to get to the gym, and it was crazy crowded there on Saturday mornings. There were lots of serious athletes at this place, with the stereotypical stage parents behaving badly. That was actually kind of fun to watch.

But every once in awhile, Chloe decides she’s going to try to do a headstand. She must have been feeling very inspired last night, because she put on her old leotard, which is now two sizes too small, perhaps hoping that it would provide some good luck.

She used the wall as an aid, although it didn’t really help. She mostly did headflips. Only once did she manage to keep her legs in the air for a couple of seconds, and they were flailing. But at least she tried.

Luckily, Chloe is fairly self-aware. She’d probably be the first to admit that she and gymnastics don’t really mix. And she’s ok with that. Eventually she’ll master the headstand. Or maybe not. And if I’m being honest, Sophie does a better somersault than her older sister. But that’s ok. Because Chloe is a swimmer – the swimming little engine that could.

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