I’m Not a Baby

We spent a couple of hours at the swim club again today. I’ve noticed another difference between Chloe and Sophie. When Chloe was Sophie’s age, Chloe loved going into the big pool with us. And she never complained about wearing floaties.

Sophie, however, is quite another story. She likes the big pool a little, but not very much. And she refuses to wear any kind floating aid. After a few minutes of bathing in my arms, she was ready to go back to the kiddie pool. And she’s not all that interested in the water in the kiddie pool, either. What interests her is borrowing other kids’ toys. And playing with them, and occasionally sharing the toys with their owners. The nice is thing is that when we forget to bring her toys, which happens fairly frequently, she can always mooch off other kids.

After she’s done with the toys (and she’s very focused when she plays, and spends a lot of time playing, even by herself), she usually goes to the playground. Today, she ventured there without Chloe. She’s pretty much mastered all of the climbing apparatus, and isn’t scared to play when the bigger kids are there.

Today, however, she came running back to our table to announce that “the boys called me baby.” To which we responded, “You’re not a baby.” Before we knew it, she was scampering back to the playset. After two more minutes, she came running back to assert, “Not a baby.” And off she scampered again.

Sophie may be a lot of things, but she withstood her first official, non-Chloe insult like a champ. Go, Sophie, go.

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