It’s Official, I Think

After several weeks of diaperless Sophie – and only one accident – we decided to forego the diaper at nighttime as well. And so far, so good. She’s now at the point where she asks to go to the bathroom.

Good job, Sophie! And to think that we actually met the self-imposed deadline of the swim club opening…I must hand it to her – our little one is definitely a keeper.

She’s also developed into quite the dancer. She’s quickly progressed from the shake the booty stage to the shake the booty and arms and head and legs stage.

And she’s counting to ten. Usually in a sing-song voice, and with a big smile. She’s also starting to fight back when her sister bothers her. Becoming more assertive, more like a 3-year old. Even though she’s four months shy of three.

She’s still not a team player. She displays very little interest in group activities. Even tonight, among her family and our babysitter, she didn’t want to join in a game of catch. She was content to do somersaults, dance and jump on the bed. And when Chloe gently invited her to play, she was adamant in her refusal to toss the ball. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing – since she has a really strong arm and could have bonked us on the heads multiple times.

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