My husband wasted no time yesterday. Barely minutes after Chloe left with my mom on their week-long adventure, he was in the sunroom (aka the daughters’ junkyard) with a large moving carton. And he started going through every last piece of junk in that room, tossing old stuff, putting questionable stuff aside for Chloe to sift through, and organizing the rest.

I, of course, had no patience for the project. It seems that whenever I enter that room, I have an overwhelming need to scream, kick and stomp (and vomit) on everything in sight. So while Sophie and her papa were working on the room, I visited a friend who just moved to the neighboring town. By the time I returned, the space was almost (but not quite) transformed.

A few more hours of work while our biggest threat is away in the country and the room might actually qualify for a photo on this blog. To be continued…

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