Summer’s Here

And Chloe’s last day of first grade is tomorrow. Camp starts on Tuesday. I can’t believe how quickly the year flew by. It’s astonishing, really.

So much has happened since last June. Between the time spent with the girls and the new job…all good, really. And here we are. Looking forward to the summer and to weekends spent at the pool.

We decided to go away for a couple of days during our week off at the end of the July. We’re taking the girls to Great Wolf Lodge, a hotel with a huge indoor water park. When I showed Chloe the Web site, her eyes opened wide in excitement. The multitude of slides were almost as wonderful to her as the hotel room itself, with the bunk bed for her and Sophie to share.

Speaking of beds, we still haven’t ordered a bed for Sophie. Haven’t found one we really like, and haven’t had time to continue our quest for one. Pathetic, really. Poor Sophie. When Chloe was ready for a bed, we obsessively shopped for one and found it rather quickly. With Sophie, we’re rather indifferent about the whole process.

On the other hand, Sophie has something Chloe never had. Riding with Papa on his bike. My readers will recall that Sophie’s initial foray into riding on the back of Papa’s bike was an unmitigated disaster. Primarily because she did not want to wear the helmet. She has since come around, realizing that we all wear helmets to go bike riding. And we’ve enjoyed several family rides together over the last few weeks. And today, for the first time, my husband took her with him for his weekly exercise ride. “Faster, faster,” is her mantra. She came home from the adventure all smiles. What more could we ask for?

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