The Latest Chloeism

Every year-the week of July 4-my mom takes Chloe on a road trip to see my aunt and uncle in upstate New York. They have a lot of fun, and Chloe loves all the nature.

We were talking about next year’s trip (I know, we haven’t even hit July 4, 2008 yet), giving our daughter advance notice that in 2009, my husband and I would be going away to celebrate our 40th birthdays and 15th wedding anniversary – without the two girls.

When I told Chloe that she might stay on an extra week next year to go to camp, she asked if she’d be alone. I responded that she’d be staying with her great aunt and uncle, but that yes, she’d be alone with them.

In the few seconds before she reacted, I could see the wheels turning in her little head. “Grammy won’t be with me?” “No,” I answered. To which she replied, “but if I’m by myself, I won’t be able to get angry at anyone!” “All the more reason for you to spend the week with them,” I said. Chloe laughed. And so did we.

By the way, Chloe received her last report card as a 1st grader today. It was just about perfect. And I was extremely impressed. And proud.

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