What a Sight

In yesterday’s blog post, I wrote that Chloe was getting close to finishing this entire book in one day. She did it – in less than 24 hours.

As I mentioned, the afternoon was extremely quiet around the house as she turned the pages. Uncommonly, surprisingly quiet. Sophie and I even had a chance to bond – pretending to make food out of small legos in a bowl by utilizing tinkertoys as stirring utensils. I tried to build a Duplo house for Sophie – but I stink at that kind of stuff. So we built towers instead. Towers that Sophie would then knock over with glee.

Every once in a while, Chloe took a break from her reading to further enrich herself by practicing the piano on her small keyboard. She is quickly mastering the songs in her book (some of which I remember from when I was a kid), and she seems to be enjoying the challenge. She’s even showing concern about the keyboard’s battery life – which never before concerned her. Sophie has a tendency to leave the equipment running, and god forbid the battery should run out now that Chloe actually cares.

The girls are getting older, and smarter and funnier, and more adorable. How lucky we are.

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