When Sophie Grows Up

When I think of Sophie, I think of a crazy, adorable little girl. Who is afraid of nothing. Who takes risks that no normal 33 month-old would ever consider.

Who goes to the playground and hangs from the monkey bars and swings upside down from the parallel bars. Who is doing somersaults and attempts headstands like Chloe. Who runs faster than her 7-year old sister. Who jumps gleefully from the bed over and over and over again.

When she performs her silly Sophie tricks, I often wonder where her silly tricks will take her when she’s older. To the moon, perhaps? Maybe not that far. I was watching the US Gymnastics Olympic Trials last night and as I saw the young girls jump over the vault and nail their floor routines, I briefly thought of Sophie. Perhaps I should enroll her for toddler gymnastics – except as we all know, she doesn’t follow direction.

Maybe she’ll become a champion skier (I have no idea if she has any skill in that area – perhaps we’ll find out next winter), or a skydiver. As I uploaded this photo, a light went off in my little head. The perfect job for Sophie: stuntwoman. Yep, I can she her name in lights now. The most famous stuntwoman who ever made it onto film. She’ll be able to stand in for all of those curly-haired actresses out there. All two of them.

I’m going to start looking into college programs now. One can never plan too early for these things.

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