A Monday in July

Another cute stuffed animal photo. It’s Monday, back to work after an extra-long weekend. Back to the old routine – except that my husband took today off as well.

This was a bonus for Sophie, who got to spend some quality time with her Papa while Chloe was at camp. Apparently, she’s super monkey at the playground – taking risks and needing extreme supervision so that she doesn’t get herself into trouble.

We never had that problem with Chloe – she was always very prudent. Sophie takes care, but she’s not afraid. She grabs onto the rings and swings from them – although she can’t yet go from one to the other, she’s perfectly content to HANG and SWAY. Until she falls. And that’s where it gets a little crazy. Because if you’re not there to catch her, she’ll still fall. And it’s a pretty long drop to the ground.

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