A Tough Day at Work


There is only one positive thing that comes out of a day at work where every hour (literally, every hour) presents a new problem and you wish you could scream expletives until you’re red in the face.

The only good thing about the day I had today was going home to the smiles of my kids. They were happy to see me, for five minutes anyway. It seemed like very few people at work were happy with me today. But there will always be days like that – hopefully infrequent days – but s**t happens.

However, my girls love me unconditionally, warts and all. After their initial greeting, they proceeded to give me even more of a headache than the one I had when I walked in the door, but those first few minutes were nice and put things into perspective.

There will always be difficult people – dealing with them is part of life. But you hope to be treated with respect and when that doesn’t happen (as was the case this morning with one of my assistants), it’s infuriating. Time to take a deep breath and think about those smiles again.

Tomorrow’s Friday. If I believed in God, I’d thank it. But since I don’t, I’ll thank my lucky stars that it’s Friday instead.

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