Baby Belly

If you look closely at this photo, you’ll notice that Sophie is pregnant. With a balloon. She was very proud of her fecundity, and exclaimed, “Look at my baby belly!” at least five times. I tried to get a profile shot of her, but when I asked her to pose again, she suddenly became modest and ran off to the other room.

And just as quickly as she was with balloon, she wasn’t anymore. I’m telling you, Sophie is very much enjoying all the attention that’s being lavished on her this week. Between her parents and her babysitter, it’s been non-stop Sophie.

I just read her one of Chloe’s and my favorite books, “When Sophie Gets Angry.” Obviously, our Sophie could relate. She’s almost three, and angry is one of her preferred states of being these days. In fact, she had me read the book to her three times in a row. I think she was a little perturbed by the fact that her fictional alter ego runs away and climbs a tree that overlooks the ocean. I hope she doesn’t get any ideas – either about the running away or climbing a tree.

Sophie’s been sleeping fitfully since Chloe’s been gone. I wonder if there’s a correlation. When Chloe went to Florida, I recall the same thing happening. That’s not to say she doesn’t sleep fitfully when Chloe is around, but it seems to occur more regularly when her big sister is away. You’d think it would be the opposite – but who knows? Maybe that’s Sophie’s way of missing Chloe…

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