Great Wolf Adventure

We made it to the hotel just before lunch and miracle of miracles, our room was ready for us (based on what I had been told, we were expecting to wait until 5pm or so to gain access). The mini-getaway got off to a great start.

The girls’ reaction upon seeing the room, which has an enclosed area called “Kids Kamp” just for the little ones, was priceless. The jumping and screaming with joy at the sight of bunk beds and their own flat-screen TV was worth the price of admission alone.

When we entered the water park, which is HUGE, the girls’ excitement could barely be contained. While my husband explored with Sophie, Chloe and I went on a couple of water slides. I am loathe to admit this, but the two that we went on together (one ride in a double tube, the other in a raft) made me feel like a teenager again. My stomach was in my mouth both times – I just hope that Chloe didn’t hear my expletive-laden screaming.

Chloe is also playing an interactive fantasy game called “MagiQuest,” which is a scavenger hunt on steroids that has participants running up and down stairs in the hotel trying to find clues to solve a bunch of different puzzles. She’s about halfway through the quests, and while I find the whole thing to be pretty exasperating, the upside is that I had a good workout keeping up with her.

I promise that I will post photos of this wild place when we return home in a couple of days. It’s difficult to appreciate the scope of the indoor water park unless you’re here – it’s enough to make your head spin.

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