I’m a Giant?

Sophie is fairly funny – and she doesn’t mean to be – at least not always. Today’s funniness stemmed from her use of an ever-increasing vocabulary.

While in the bath a little earlier, Chloe was having a conversation with a green action figure – a Transformer-type monstrosity that she likes to play with from time to time. She was diligently trying to get the green thing comfortably relaxing in one of her toy boats, and repeatedly said, “That’s stupendous!” The problem is that she has no idea what ‘stupendous’ means. When I explained to her that it was a nice word that meant ‘great’ or ‘fantastic,” Sophie protested mightily. “No it doesn’t. It’s mean.” “Sophie, ‘stupendous’ isn’t a mean word, it’s a nice word. It doesn’t mean ‘stupid.” “Yes, it does, Mommy.” There’s really no arguing with an almost-3 year old.

A little later, Sophie wanted me to put on her long-sleeved winter long johns. Of course, she wants to wear these on the warmest evening of the summer. It was my turn to protest mightily, but my little one is an insistent little bugger. We actually compromised – I told her she could wear the top, but not the bottoms. That it would be sufficient for her to sleep in underwear. She actually liked that somewhat subversive idea. But when I put on the top, she started to complain that it was too small. Indeed, it was a little tight in the arms. I asked if she wanted to change into something else, but she was reluctant. I told her she was growing, and getting bigger by the day. “Like a giant!” she exclaimed.

At which point, I explained that no, she wasn’t a giant, but a growing girl who was a lot taller than she was when I first bought those pyjamas a few months ago. “No, like a giant!” she repeated excitedly, pointing at her ceiling for effect. When she saw that I was not agreeing with her, she moderated her stance and said, “big like you, Mommy?” “Yes, big like me,” I replied. Giant=Mommy. I don’t know whether I should be insulted or proud.

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