When I see photos like this one, I’m happy. Simply happy. And full of love. The corkscrew curls are just too much to bear. Boing, boing.

Sophie is enjoying her status as the only child this week. She misses Chloe, and asks for her on a daily basis. But having those few extra minutes with her every morning and every evening – where all of our attention is focused on her…not a bad deal.

At the same time, I think she’s also a little bored. She seems to be searching for ways to keep herself entertained – because she’s used to having Chloe around to occupy her time. It’s nice to have a companion and a partner in crime, and as much as I’d like to think otherwise, I simply don’t cut it as a playmate. Neither does her Papa.

Chloe apparently went fishing for the first time today. She’d been looking forward to it since last summer, and we never got around to it, on purpose. She managed to master the art of casting the line, but then got frustrated because the line got tangled. And then she realized, rather quickly according to my mother, that catching fish was not a two-minute proposition. Not surprisingly, she quickly lost patience. So much for fishing. But really, is that surprising? Chloe is about as far from fishing as anyone I know. The upside is that she won’t be asking me to take her fishing now. Thanks, Mom.

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