It’s a New Day, a New Dawn

OK – so the drama of last night subsided a bit this morning. Chloe does have pink eye, and my husband took her to the doctor and got her a prescription. If you look at the photo with a magnifying glass, you’ll see that the eye on the right side is visibly irritated.

After a day of eye drops, she’s doing a lot better. Back to camp tomorrow. That is, if they don’t throw her out because she has pink eye. I just know she’s going to announce it to everyone who asks why she wasn’t at camp today. And if I tell her to simply say she was sick, she’ll accuse me of wanting her to lie and still announce to the world that she has pink eye. And even though our pediatrican said it would be ok for her to return, pink eye is SCAAARRY – one of those super-contagious kid things – and they might try to kick her out.

Speaking of which, my eye has been bothering me all day. My mom thinks it’s sympathy psychosomatic irritation. I think I may have pink eye. It is super-contagious, after all.

The freezer is working again – although I haven’t yet called to cancel the appointment. I’m afraid if I call it will stop running. So I am waiting until tomorrow to pick up the phone. My computer is still ornery.

In contrast to yesterday evening, Sophie and I had a chance to bond over her farm animals – we played hide and seek with them. And I started to read a Babar book to her – she wasn’t particularly interested in it, except to point out the Mommy, Papa, Sophie and Chloe elephants. At least I was Queen Celeste.

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