Michelin Sophie

I didn’t have my camera with me at the swimming pool today, but that’s ok. Because the Michelin Man in the photo perfectly captures Sophie in the pool.

In order for Sophie to enjoy fun time with the rest of her family in the deep end, she needs to wear paraphernalia to help her keep afloat. Until today, she wore a floatie vest. But she wasn’t confident enough in it to let go of us for more than a millisecond.

Today, however, my dear husband had a brilliant idea. In addition to the vest, he outfitted her with a floatie for each arm – just like Mr. Michelin Man. She was so buoyed, in fact, that she was practically walking on water. Watch out, Moses. Actually, she was well on her way to floating halfway to the moon.

Sophie loved her newfound independence. She was happy to float and float and float. All by herself. She didn’t even get a strand of her curly hair wet. Except for the drops caused by other kids’ splashing. She truly is a girl after my own heart. And who cares that once we remove the floaties she won’t know what hit her – except for all of the water she’ll be swallowing as she gets an involuntary close-up of the pool’s concrete floor?

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