Multi-Vitamin Madness

Seeing as though I discussed Sophie’s fruit issues yesterday, I figured I’d continue along the same theme tonight and discuss her major issues with multi-vitamins.

I have a pharmacy of kids multi-vitamins in the house, none of which Sophie will eat. Dora, Disney princess, traditional circular prescription vitamins, etc. I also purchased vitamins at Whole Foods – “organic” vitamins. I should have known better. I was afraid they’d be inedible, and indeed, they were absolutely horrendous. I mean, really – kids’ vitamins that taste like fish oil? Needless to say, the bottle of solidified fish oil went immediately into the garbage.

The other bottles, however, reside on the window sill in the kitchen – and I look at them longingly everyday – “Maybe she’ll eat one today,” I hope against hope. And Sophie inevitably teases me. “I’ll have a princess vitmin (sic), Mom.” I obligingly behead one of the princesses (because of her age, she can only eat 1/2 of a vitamin per day) and present it to her on a platter (ok, not literally on a platter, but with a lot of love). She looks at it – she sometimes licks it – makes a funny face and announces, “No vitmin (sic), Mom.”

The only vitamins she’ll eat are what she calls the “baby vitmins (sic).” They are miniature fluoride tablets, and she likes them because they’re cute. I need to find out if multi-vitamins come in miniature versions, too. I will stop at nothing for my children, even if it means making the goddamn vitamins myself…

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