No, We’re Not in Hawaii…

…But the weekend was absolutely gorgeous, and we spent all of it at the swim club. Two full days of galavanting in the sun – what a treat!

In keeping with yesterday’s blog theme, I showed Chloe a video of Greg Louganis at the 1984 Olympics this morning – his flawless dives are really quite something to behold. Chloe, never one to censor herself, reacted to the video by saying, “That looks easy!” I guess that’s the idea, though. A professional diver should make her acrobatics look exceedingly easy.

The first thing Chloe did when we arrived this morning was to practice her diving – and I am not lying when I say that as the day progressed, her legs were straighter and more together. A couple of her dives were really fantastic.

Sophie made progress of her own today. For the first time, she was willing to float in her vest (in the big pool) without holding our hands. Granted, these attempts at independence lasted only seconds at a time. But she was visibly proud of her bravery.

My predictions for the end of the summer: Chloe will be doing flips off the diving board (she actually does a somersault under the water just after she comes out of her dive) and Sophie will be “swimming” across the pool in her floatie vest all by herself.

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