She’s Back!

Chloe, that is. Made a grand entrance earlier this afternoon, accompanied by two boxes of books and a bag of junk to add to her much smaller collection of existing junk. Aside from the books, she did bring home one cool thing, though. A glass jar that she decorated using a special stenciling process.

She noticed the change to the sunroom right away – “Where’s all my stuff?” After reassuring her that we kept most everything, but just organized it, she seemed a little skeptical. Because we were out and about this evening, however, she hasn’t yet had time to take full measure of what’s missing.

If tomorrow’s blog subject is entitled “Howls Heard Across the Universe,” you’ll know that it’s because our big Chloe discovered the extent of her parents’ heavy-handed treachery. The good part is that I actually did very little of the purging, so when she does realize how much of her stuff is actually gone, I’ll be able to blame her papa.

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