Sophie’s Last Day…

…As an only child. This is it – Chloe comes home tomorrow. And aside from a stray night at Grammy’s here and there, Sophie will have to put up with her big sister for at least another few months straight.

I’m excited for Chloe to arrive tomorrow. I miss her. She’s become quite the reader since she left our home almost a week ago – finishing her latest Nancy Drew and a couple of other books she found at my aunt’s house. She’s reading “The BFG” by Roald Dahl now.

We’re almost done (or should I say my husband is almost done) purging the sunroom of all the detritus. It’s still a mess, but at least there’s less of it. I wonder how long it will take Chloe to realize that it’s been emptied of all the junk. An hour? A day? A week? You can place your bets here. The lucky winner will be entitled to the garbage we’ve decided to toss.

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