The Daring Duo

After a day of having Chloe back among us, I realize how truly quiet it was while she was gone. The yelling and screaming have started up again, but so have the laughs and the running around.

This photo is what happens when Chloe and Sophie are left along to make mischief when their Papa is taking a bike ride and I’m getting dressed upstairs. Yep. All the stuffed animals on the floor (if I recall correctly, I posted a similar photo to the blog a few months ago).

This turned out to be a good thing, because in keeping with our purging ways of the last few days, we proceeded to sift through the furry cuties and set some aside to give away.

Amazingly enough, the sunroom is still clean. This 36-hour stretch is a record for us. I’m hoping it will last for a bit longer. If we make good on our threats to start throwing away everything that is out of its assigned place, I reckon the room will stay spotless until Chloe and Sophie leave for college. Perhaps not before causing our girls to suffer from permanent mental damage, but that’s a small price to pay for years of cleanliness.

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