The Impostors

There are times when I look at Sophie and forget that she’s only two. She likes to think that she’s a big girl – and she often talks like a big girl. Even in this photo, it looks a little like she belongs in a Elizabethan-era portrait, when children’s faces were made to resemble those of adults. She’s a child of many faces, this one. And when she acts beyond her years, Sophie the Impostor takes center stage. She seems taller than usual, too.

However, those moments of maturity are fleeting at best. As soon as I start losing sight of the fact that she’s only two, she shakes me back to reality. With the silly dancing (sometimes naked), the whining, the crying, the toddler “poopy” talk, the picky eating – her true age is thrust back into my consciousness like a missile.

Chloe spends a good deal of time acting like a pre-teen. I don’t think I ever acted like a pre-teen when I was seven. But the way she talks, the way she reads – I’m sometime temporarily brainwashed into thinking that my oldest daughter is hitting adolescence. Luckily, however, those moments of Chloe the Impostor are also fleeting. With the silly dancing (sometimes naked), the whining, the crying, the seven-year old “poopy” talk, the picky eating – Chloe the Sequel Imposter appears and acts like a toddler.

Seven must be an awkward age for the young generation – at least it is for Chloe. She’s caught between two worlds. The world of her cute little sister, Sophie, and the world of iCarly and Hannah Montana. It’s quite confusing, really, for all of us. The multiple personalities are difficult to track and hard to control. I have visions of a mini toddler Chloe whispering to real Chloe in one ear, and tweener Chloe influencing Chloe in the other ear. And when the two are whispering together, that’s when all hell breaks loose.

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