The Portable Piano

Yes, the two girls are fighting over the “piano.” And, no it’s not that Chloe is demonstrating supergirl strength. For now, our piano is still the miniature keyboard with 30 or so keys. And both girls carry it around the house like books.

Sophie and Chloe were having a bit of a scuffle over use of the toy. It goes without saying that whenever Chloe sits down to practice, Sophie is suddenly interested in banging on the keys as well. This inevitably leads to screaming and crying.

Today, however, the screaming led to playing, when Chloe started to hold the keyboard out of Sophie’s reach. Sophie loved this new game, and came up with all sorts of ruses to grab the piano – jumping, a chair lift, stretching…you name it, she tried it. And instead of tears, there were lots of laughs.

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