Whatever Can Go Wrong…

…Will most certainly go wrong. I’ll just list all of the fun things going on in our household this evening:

(1) I arrived home after a long day at work and Chloe still hadn’t taken her bath. And was filthy from camp. Why? Because the kids went frog hunting today. Luckily she didn’t catch any of the little critters, because my brother once got salmonella poisoning from a turtle – granted, not the same animal, but close enough to make me cringe at the thought of frog-borne disease.

(2) Chloe was wearing a paper eye patch. When she took it off, her left eye was all red and irritated. “Chloe, what’s wrong with your eye?” I asked. “I don’t know, Mom. It’s bothering me.” Pink eye? I hope not, but it’s looking like it it might be the dreaded bacterial conjunctivitis – with the gook that accompanies it. Murphy’s law, right? And to top it all off, her Papa didn’t even notice it.

(3) A child in Chloe’s camp “village” has lice. Chloe was examined by the camp nurse, along with the other kids, and she’s ok. For now.

(4) I noticed that the freezer door doesn’t seem to be shutting properly. It’s global warming in the freezer, and if it continues, all of the contents will end up in the garbage. We have an appointment with the repair service, but not until Friday.
(5) Sophie was cranky. I hardly saw her tonight, what with all of the other drama. She ended up spending more time with our babysitter than with us.

(6) My stupid Lenovo laptop keeps crashing on me – I’ve been seeing at least five blue screens a day for the past 10 days. That’s not a good thing, to put it mildly. And if it continues, I’ll be visiting the Apple store for a new computer much sooner than planned.

It’s just one of those nights – and I’m very glad it’s almost over.

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