Almost Forgot! Sophie’s Turning Three!

Sophie’s not actually turning three for another month, but I realized this weekend that we have yet to give much thought as to how we’re going to celebrate her upcoming milestone.

Now that we’ve been through plenty of birthday parties with Chloe, I’ve decided birthday parties are highly overrated. We had cake with family members for Sophie’s first two birthdays. But this year, she was invited to a few parties, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invite some of her little friends over for some fun. If we can get our act together in time.

Face painting? Balloons? Lizards? Puppet show? Little Gym? I might be able to enlist my husband to act like a French clown à la Marcel Marceau – which would be easy for him because it wouldn’t require any talking. My father dressed up as a clown for one of my brother’s birthdays many moons ago. He looked ridiculous, but I’m sure the kids loved it. At least those who weren’t scared out of their wits. Maybe dressing up as a clown isn’t such a great idea after all.

If I have any hope of booking anyone for the end of September, I better start making a lot of phone calls tomorrow…add organizing her birthday to the already-too-long to-do list. Ugh.

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